Update Autumn 2017

Dear Friend,

Every nation, tribe, people and language bowing before God in worship… That’s our future as promised by God. This promise’s fulfilment began to take shape through twelve ordinary men and continues today as we carry on the command of making disciples.

Investing life on life, one person at a time, leading them into fellowship with God and teaching them to invest in others. This is the unyielding pursuit of the Navigators … advancing the Kingdom of God through generation after generation of ordinary labourers, until the gospel has penetrated every nation … just as God promised.

In this edition you will read about our leaders advancing the gospel in the community, and in prison. Workers sharing in the midst of daily life playing their part in seeing the promise fulfilled.

Of course the fulfilment is totally dependent on God. Without Him we can do nothing and so Dr Ian John’s article on the sufficiency of God is a great reminder of this. As Ian says “God’s sufficiency enables us to engage our world with courage and wisdom”.

Let me encourage each and every one of you to be about the kingdom’s work, to be about playing your part in fulfilling the great promise of God.

Together let us go wherever He leads and do whatever He asks. Lead On!

Grant Dibden

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