National Leadership

The Navigators have a National Leadership Team and a National Council that leads the work. Each Member brings a perspective from their local ministry and their own gifting and heart to feed into discussions.

National Leadership Team

Robert Bolton leads the work to pioneer a Brisbane City Ministry and recently retired from NSW TAFE in Ballina.

Scott Brown is the Sydney leader and also heads our National Apprenticeship Training Program.

Bruce Clarke is on the Melbourne Leadership Team and is our Missions Director. He is a recently retired Distinguished Senior Technical Specialist with Telstra.

Grant Dibden is the National Director of the Navigators and the Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Force.

Luke Midena is the Canberra leader and also disciples students and workers.

National Council

The National Council consists of the National Leadership Team and the following people:

Tami Brown is a member of the Sydney Leadership Team and disciples a number of young women personally.

Kayla Dibden is a mother of four who lives in Sydney.

Frank Mapperson is a member of the Melbourne Leadership Team. He is self-employed as a process management consultant.

       Dave McIntosh is Head of Experiential Education K-12 at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Levi and Lindsey Swartzentruber lead our student ministry at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Board of Directors

The Australian Navigators Limited is an incorporated Company with a Board of Directors which gives accountability and governance to the Company. The Board members are:

Mike Johnson, (Chair) Melbourne City Leader and former US Navy Nuclear Submarine Engineer

Scott Brown, Sydney City Leader

Jeff Buckpitt, a retired Senior Executive and member of the Canberra Leadership Team

Grant Dibden, Navigators National Director

Janice Lai, Senior Client Advisor

Ian Watts, a retired RAAF Officer

       Sunny Yang, Private investor, Equity and Alternative Assets and Hotel Owner Representative

       Wendy Yip, Risk and Compliance professional

Company Secretary

       Lynn Shim, National Administrator


ABN 26 001 294 677

A public company limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital.

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