Mission is on the very heart of God. God is a sending God. For God so loved THE WORLD that He sent his only Son to die for it. God’s heart for the nations calls for a bi-focal vision, both into the nations and to our nation.

To help get the world on our heart, browse through our resources and download the “Missions Bible Studies”. The studies look at what the sweep of the Bible says about God and His heart for the nations, and what that means for you and me.

Missions – Bible Studies

There are five studies in this series:

God’s Heart for the Nations

The first study provides a basic overview of God’s heart for the Nations in both the Old and New Testaments.

The Nations before a Holy God

This study reflects on the holiness of God and the problem caused by our sin – God’s wrath. Finally, we ponder the love of God for those who turn to Him.

What is the Gospel?

We take a much deeper look at the gospel considering four aspects of it: the kingdom aspect, the core aspect, the transformative aspect, and the breadth and hope of the gospel.

Our Response: Go

We look at the Scripture encouragement for people to go and the leadership contributions that different people make when we go.

Our Response: Local

Not everyone will be called to go. Many will be called to stay and reach the lost right where they are and also to partner with those who go.

You can download a copy of Missions Bible Study 1.PDF IconLg If you like this study, you can scroll down and click on the link to access the study in full.

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