“Harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” This is how Jesus described the crowds flocking to Him. Throughout the world, this description holds true today. People across all levels of society are struggling under the burdens of unrest, fear, isolation and anxiety – desperate for relief, and yearning for help.

Into the midst of this darkness, God is sending workers, ordinary people, to reap the ripe harvest of those ready to hear the Good News of Jesus.

The Navigators is a global discipleship movement of people who want to move forward in their relationship with Jesus and impact the world for Him. We invest deeply in people to see their lives transformed. Our heart is to lead wherever God asks so that, together, we can see the Gospel spread and His kingdom advanced across Australia and in nations throughout the world.

Our model of discipleship not only helps people journey through life, it trains them to multiply disciples so their impact continues on, leading individuals – and generations – to Him.

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