Lead Others

Jesus is the most effective and compelling leader in history. He took a handful of ordinary people, fishermen and tax collectors… and changed the world. His primary method was to work deeply with a few disciples, training them in the everyday events of life and instilling in them the heart to lead others.

We are all called to make disciples. The resources and training contained in this section will help you lead others and multiply your impact not only on the people around you now, but generations yet to come.

Leading Like Jesus

Jesus’ profound leadership and teachings continue to influence over 2 billion followers today. What was most unique about his leadership was its underlying nature. While having all power and authority he did not identify himself as a leader, but as a servant. His ways were always personal, loving, fair, and consistent. He was concerned about people over product, relationship over output, and transformation over transaction.

Leading Others to Faith

God loves people. He wants everyone to repent, to come to a saving faith in Him. The Creator and Sustainer of the universe has made it possible for each of us to be His child and heir through Jesus’ death on the cross in our place. Isn’t that the best news ever!

How could we not share this good news? It should just come out, but many believers feel unequipped to share. These resources will develop your skills in witnessing by helping you clearly communicate the gospel so you can effectively lead others to know Jesus.

Help Others Grow

In the very intense moment where Jesus is giving His final instructions on earth, He is aware that the disciples could give their lives to many very, very good things – but miss this critical thing. So He sums up his priority for them in the most concise and direct way: “Make disciples”. But how do you do it?

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