“The CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) outbreak is one of the most devastating events in living memory. And yet, it is not “out of control” even though it may appear dire. The Lord God is in complete control and He uses all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28,29). It can be really hard to see this when circumstances shout something different and someone we know and love is affected. When this happens we have to cling to the fact of God loves us more than we can comprehend, which is most supremely demonstrated in Christ’s death for us.

Our policy is to follow the government directions and guidelines. They are changing frequently and so we should check this government website frequently for daily updates. It is supposed to be the ’single source’ of information from the Australian Government. We MUST take these guidelines seriously and comply, not thinking that “I can do what I want to do, as it won’t matter”. We have to think of others, particularly those in higher risk categories like the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions and help to protect them. This is the godly and loving thing to do. We put our trust in God and follow the directions of those He has put in authority over us.” ~ Grant Dibden


Planned Events

Due to the ongoing issues caused by COVID-19, many of our events (scheduled up to June/July) have been cancelled or postponed to a later date. Please visit our page regularly for updates!

Let us continue praying for the world and for one another. We can still unite in this most important activity.

Registration and further info on most events 


National Events

15-17 June  – ONLINE – Staff Training – Fundraising, Admin and City Leadership Training

18-19 June  National Leadership Team Meeting

4-12 July  – POSTPONED  UNTIL 2021 – Navs Kids Camp

18-20 September  National Council Meeting, Brisbane

3-5 October  Student Conference

23-27 November  National Staff Retreat, Lawson, NSW (TBC)



18 April  – CANCELLED Community Speaking Rally / Forum Event: Speaker – Robin Dennis, “How to follow-up and establish those new to the Christian faith”

16 May  – CANCELLED Community Speaking Rally / Forum Event: Speaker – Mike Johnson, “Passion to know and to become like Jesus Christ”

20 June  – CANCELLED Community Speaking Rally / Forum Event: Guest – Dr John Parsons, “How to converse with the lost and how to research and help answer difficult questions”

For any questions regarding these Rally/Events contact: Robert Bolton, 0491 154 979, email [email protected]

Venue: Raymont Residential College Chapel, 60 Bayliss Street Auchenflower, Brisbane (parking via 47 Cadell St)



12-14 June  – POSTPONED – Solid Rock Defence Force Ministry Retreat, Stanwell Tops. Cath Miller, guest speaker. Contact: [email protected]



17-19 April  – POSTPONED – Monash-Deakin ISM Conference @ Sacred Heart Retreat, Croydon. Click here for registration details

20 June – CANCELLED Melbourne Fundraising Dinner with Rob Mahon



17 April  – ONLINE – Sydney Labourers Community Gathering (from 6:30 pm, details TBD)

1-2 May  – POSTPONED – “Discovering Your Design” Workshop – with Ian McIntosh. Details and registratio information coming soon!

3 July  – CANCELLED Sydney Fundraising Dinner with Rob Mahon



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