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The goal of Community ministries is to form spiritual generations through our expanding relational networks. Graduates, singles, couples, families and grandparents, from all different ethnic backgrounds are involved in our local community ministries and most of our members are active in their local churches.

We focus on longer term relational links aiming to see generations of disciples leading people closer to Jesus through life’s natural networks – families, friendship groups, neighbourhoods, workplaces & social groups. We share the good news about Jesus in a natural unforced way and help people to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Life-on-life discipleship is our hallmark and we do this in the midst of a community of like-minded believers. We walk alongside people as they seek Jesus even as we share in the struggles, the challenges and the triumphs of life together. We focus on the Bible as the foundation for all we do and are strong on prayer following the persistent urging and quiet nudging of the Holy Spirit.

We welcome inquires to be involved and are keen to share our vision and passion with others so we can all invest in future generations.

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