Mission to the Philippines – Update

In January 2017 Dave & Julie McIntosh – Campus leaders at Macquarie Uni, Sydney – had the opportunity to lead a team of 8 on a missions trip to the Philippines.  It was a time of great community building and collaboration with Filipino Navigators.

As Dave shares:  “We want the group coming with us to learn from the great ways the Filipino Navs are serving God’s Kingdom, and to put that into practice so they can grow as Kingdom labourers.”

They partnered with various ministries and experienced things they never had before.

They reached out to youth, uni students, the poor, children and mothers. They helped out the feeding programs, gave children’s talks, played games, sang songs, gave Bible talks and shared with Mothers’ groups.

Dave shares:  “It was particularly encouraging to hear how each of them had seen God use the others within our team during our time. Some also found it confronting to hear personal stories of grief and loss from many of those who we met. It was humbling to lead the team in trusting God with the lives of these people.”

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