Update June 2016

Last year, as the National Leadership Team and the Board prayed and planned, God reaffirmed for us the calling He has given to us. Indeed, current events make clear that now more than ever this world needs Jesus. God wants to see the gospel advance; to see His kingdom spread into all nations!

The gospel moves forward when God uses one changed life to change another. This was Jesus’ model. Jesus could have had tens of thousands of followers. I mean, if you can walk on water, turn water into wine, feed 5,000 from five loaves and two fish, and if you raise the dead… then you can get a crowd to follow you. But Jesus didn’t do this. He chose a few disciples and invested deeply in them.

As Navigators you and I follow Jesus’ example. We invest in ordinary people, life on life for life. We lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus and teach them how to lead others. We train disciples to multiply so that they not only impact individual lives, but generations!

We disciple students, military personnel, senior business people, drug addicts and tomorrow’s leaders. We do this in communities, in big cities and small towns, in neighbourhoods, workplaces and churches. We send missionaries to the nations and have been in Australia over 50 years striving under God’s hand to see our nation come to Christ!

The foundation of our ministry is relationship with one another. Thank you so much for your whole-hearted – and in many cases long-term – commitment of prayer, time, finances and friendship that are helping lead generations of disciples forward in Jesus.

Together let us go wherever He leads and do whatever He asks. Lead On!

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