Get to Know Michael and Siân Stucken

Michael and Siân Stucken have been our co-labourers for many years, but have taken a greater role in leading within our Sydney Labouring Community since the return of the Tulleys to the USA. We interviewed them for our Compass Newsletter Winter 2023 issue.

How did you come into relationship with Jesus?

He was there in both our households growing up – our respective parents have been following Jesus for their adult lives. We would say that, even before we met, we both were challenged as young adults to choose the direction we wanted our lives to take.

In what ways have Navigator communities shaped your journey?

Communities are made of people and it is those individuals who come to mind – they have cared for us, loved us and helped us find the way. It motivates us to try and do likewise for others.

How has Jesus been leading you?

To love Him, love each other, love our kids, love our community. We try to be deliberate about that order. We are often tempted, and often succumb to love ‘self’ before all these. We feel that one of the keys to life is to keep self-interest, self-love at the back of the pack and try to be selfless.

What is your role with Navigators?

We are deliberate about meeting with people, individually, together as a couple and as a family. Whilst needing to fit around two young children and two demanding jobs, it is a delight, and we wouldn’t change a thing. We have both benefited from people building us up and we want to do the same for others.

Please pray for Michael, Siân, their children and their ministry in Sydney, New South Wales. If you would like to find out more about them, or live in Sydney and want to get involved, please visit:

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