The Gospel at Work

By Adrian Cassar, first published in Compass, Summer 2020

Gospel in Me

I didn’t grow up going to church but after uni, pondered the big question – why am I here? Over the next year, God put several people in my path that led me to the Bible and to giving my life to Christ in February of 1998.

Adrian and his wife, Louise

I was involved in a church with a strong emphasis on one-on-one discipling and public evangelism. Their focus was more often on works, stressing rules and duty instead of grace. I felt burdened and discouraged.

After we moved house, we also moved church where we met Grant and Jeanette Dibden and Dave and June Sparks. My wife and I joined their Growth Group and were introduced to the Navigators.

I started one-on-one time with Dave where we shared our life experiences, challenges and prayers and I was able to learn more. My attitude changed as I lived life more out of God’s grace for me, rather than duty to Him. The burden was lifted. It was very freeing for me.

I felt supported and encouraged by the Navigator community around me. I could be open and honest with those closest to me, and not fear needing and seeking help. What has meant the most to me is the friendship; just having someone there with me through the ups and downs of life. Having people side by side in my everyday life and my walk with Christ has been a great encouragement.


This year my work moved to Parramatta, and Frank Tully outlined the idea of forming a Gospel@Work group in the area, and we’ve started a new group there. We focus on
what it means to live as a Christian in the context of the workplace. It’s a great forum for us to learn and share our experiences together. Frank has provided a great example in leading the studies and has provided me the opportunity to grow in leading the group.

Gospel at work

Over the years, I’ve met and prayed with friends from my childhood and previous employments. We’ve discussed work and life issues and I’ve shared my faith and prayed with and for them. I’ve also had co-workers comment on the way I handle work stresses asking how I do it. These are great opportunities too.

Please pray for us to be thinking of the big picture. It can be easy to get overly focused on the task at work and lose sight of loving our co-workers as either fellow Christians or people who need Christ.

Pray that we can exercise Christ-like qualities in our relationships with our work colleagues.

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