Tips For Having Consistent Daily Devotions

We need to acknowledge that this is going to be difficult. We are in a spiritual battle and our flesh, the world and the devil conspire to stop us deepening our relationship with God. Our flesh, our human nature, means that we often want to do other things rather than meet with our Lord. The world conspires to squeeze our time so we find it difficult to fit a consistent time alone with God in each day. The Devil plants thoughts in our mind that say that God isn’t listening, that we are talking to no one, that God won’t listen to a person like us.

The young mum who is up through the night, each night, may not be at her best at 6 am. The principle is to give your best time to God. What is the time in the day when you can best concentrate and be uninterrupted and undistracted for God? Have your daily devotions then. Give God your best.

It often helps consistency if you can get into a routine. Many find having a daily devotion more difficult on holidays than when they are at work, despite having much more discretionary time when on holidays. So have a consistent time and place.

Having a reading plan is also helpful. ALL scripture is inspired by God, 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us. So have a plan to read all of God’s Word. You can download a recommended Bible Reading Plan here.

Finally, some people find it helpful to have some thoughts on a passage they are reading from other people to stimulate their thinking. These can be beneficial but should not be our primary means of spending time with God, as you want to hear from God and not the person who is making the comments. That said, God does use His servants to help us. You can subscribe, using this form, to a daily devotional from Jerry Bridges and/or LeRoy Eims that will be emailed each day.

Most likely, you will not always be victorious in having a daily devotion every day, but that must be our aim. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). It’s all about relationship with our loving God.


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