How do disciples stay connected when they leave uni?

People who study in Australia end up moving all over world. Just from Judy Leow’s years of International Student Ministry in Melbourne, you can see how many countries have been impacted by these students who graduate from uni and scatter the globe with the Gospel.

How do disciples stay connected to Navigators and stay encouraged when they leave uni?

In this day and age, technology makes it easier to stay connected from afar. There are endless ways to stay connected, from emails to texting, calling to FaceTime/Skype, the world has never been so connected. This allows us even more opportunities to continue to encourage students in their faith after uni.

As they transition into the next phase of their lives, we work to help connect them to other believers in their area and, if possible, with other Navigator ministries. Most importantly, we pray diligently for them as they leave uni, and often Australia, with a vision of labouring for a lifetime.

We care deeply for them and make it a priority to continue investing in them as we labour alongside. Lastly, we try to visit them as often as we can to continue caring for them and encouraging them face-to-face.

One story of staying connected is found in Judy’s relationship with Sarah:

I had the joy of leading Sarah to the Lord in 1992 but only had six months with her before she moved. After
moving, she was connected with a local church where she continued to use her gift of evangelism to reach
many for Christ.

When I first had the opportunity to visit and stay with her family, the Lord gave me the joy of leading her five
year old daughter to the Lord, who is now in her first year of university.

Sarah and I continue to share our daily lives and ministry, and we pray together for our ministry to the
lost and to our families often. It is a great privilege to be able to continue to walk alongside her after all of
these years as well as watching how she has stayed encouraged in her faith.

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