How is Navigators supported?

How is the Navigators funded?

The Navigators is funded by gifts from individuals, churches and businesses. The impact of this ministry is significantly made possible by your financial generosity, prayers and sacrifice of time. Thank you!

How can I support Navigators’ work?

You can give online here. You may also want to consider leaving a legacy gift to the Navigators.

Where will my gift go?

When you give, you have the opportunity to choose where your gift goes. If you choose a staff member, your gift will go to support their specific work and ministry. However, we encourage you to choose to give “where needed most” so that your gift can be used to help support the most important current needs.

What impact can I help make through Navigators?

We are a discipleship movement that focuses on multiplying disciples, not adding them. Because of this we don’t just lead individuals to walk deeply with Jesus, we lead generations! With this distinction, your partnership with us (prayerfully, financially and with your time) goes far beyond the immediate. You are part of impacting your and future generations!

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