Update Winter 2017

Dear Friend,

North India is a tough place … hot, humid, polluted, dirty, diseased, poor, and crowded. There are huge needs and so Navigators have sent a small team there to reach Muslims. I have a leadership role for this team, so I recently visited.
North India is one of the most unreached places in the world with only 200 Gospel workers for the 140 million Muslims. Let me give you some perspective, that is one Gospel worker for every 700,000 people. This would be equivalent to seven Gospel workers for the whole of Sydney.

This small group of people is diligently studying the language. It’s a hard slog, especially with young children. But they
do it because they want to be a blessing, both physically and spiritually, to the people of North India and to show these
people that they are truly loved by Jesus.

Struggle isn’t unique to overseas ministry though … ministering among the lost is difficult in any situation. Last week my
friend invited his workmates to come to a breakfast talk I was giving. Afterward, he was called in by the firm’s Managing
Director and told to stop pushing Christianity. It was just an invite to a breakfast talk about work and Easter, but it lead to

There are many people throughout Australia and in other hard places like India, Indonesia, China, the Middle East, and
Africa, who are labouring for the Kingdom … being a blessing to the nations through their work and telling people the
Good News.

Keeping precious people like these labouring in the harvest for the long haul is what our Lord desires and intentionally
caring for them is critical in this being achieved. You’ll read about some of these precious labourers in this edition of
Compass and be encouraged to care for those you know.

On the advance,

Grant Dibden

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