Campus Life: small windows, deep engagement

By Luke Midena, Canberra Labouring Community

Something I love about campus ministries is the intensity and depth of engagement we have with people for a short window of time. As hard as it is when students move on, there is an endless influx of opportunity.

I recently farewelled Isaak, who moved back to the US with a firm relationship with God. (more…)

Next Door to Everywhere … in Brisbane!

By Luke Midena, National Leadership Team

The National Leadership Team met with the National Council on the first weekend of April to hear from God’s Word, pray, study Job, and plan and discuss this year’s priorities. Luke gives us a glimpse into what’s happening in one of our communities Brisbane (and Queensland, for that matter) usually “flies under the radar” and we don’t often hear about what’s going on up there. But, the Lord continues to work in people’s hearts, whether we see it or not. He is prompting established and new generations to reach out in cities, universities, churches, local communities, all the way up to remote regional areas. (more…)

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