Next Door to Everywhere … in Brisbane!

By Luke Midena, National Leadership Team

The National Leadership Team met with the National Council on the first weekend of April to hear from God’s Word, pray, study Job, and plan and discuss this year’s priorities. Luke gives us a glimpse into what’s happening in one of our communities Brisbane (and Queensland, for that matter) usually “flies under the radar” and we don’t often hear about what’s going on up there. But, the Lord continues to work in people’s hearts, whether we see it or not. He is prompting established and new generations to reach out in cities, universities, churches, local communities, all the way up to remote regional areas.

We spent several days together planning, praying and exploring how we can grow and support those who are making disciples right across Australia. After not being able to meet together due to COVID restrictions for so long, it was a real treat to be able to do this in person.

Kingdom workers ‘next door to everywhere’ is a well-known Navigator catchcry. Though ambitious, it’s nice to have a goal to keep us busy until Christ’s return! And as we began learning about the ministry in Brisbane, this catchcry really rang true.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Brisbane is one of the Navigators’ smaller communities, and we have been praying specifically for a leader to establish a campus ministry; for another vocational ministry worker; as well as for the community to feel more connected.

But after inviting various local labourers from the region to meet with us for dinner, prayer and encouragement, I was amazed. They shared in turn what God has been doing through them in recent times, and it was incredible to hear the breadth and depth of the ministry.

We listened to a young woman share a desire to begin an evangelistic ministry at her university campus. A young man shared his desire to leave his job to devote himself to spiritually investing in others, to continue the work he is already doing. In his enthusiasm, he even said he would do it for free! (But I encouraged him that a labourer is worth his wages!)

It was wonderful to see so many people, next door to everywhere, advancing God’s kingdom right where he has planted them.

Please join us in praying for Brisbane:

  • That God would surround this young woman with a team of labourers to establish a campus ministry.
  • That God would enable this young man to invest more of his time into making disciples, just as he desires.
  • For stronger connections between labourers dispersed throughout the region.
  • That God would use these ordinary labourers to raise up more labourers.

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