A Trip to Marysville

By Paul Bailey, Monash Uni Student Ministry

On Thursday June 23, the Monash Navigators organised our first ever road trip to Marysville with students: ten pre-believers and nine believers. We never thought we would get a place where we would be able to take students out for a trip.

As we have spent many months praying, investing and meeting the needs of students, we took a bold risk in this event. The students have taken time becoming accustomed to the Navigators and the “Christian brand” it has. As we are not an official “club,” we have relied heavily on building two-way relationships with the students and earning a sense of trust and affirmation of what we do as a group. This resulted in one of our most fruitful times together.

God blessed abundantly in many ways…

God provided two people movers which helped us to bring students. We visited Jane Sheppard’s friend, who owned some lodges. We heard his testimony about how the Lord provided for the lodges and how the Lord protected them during the black Saturday fires! We then got to pray for him publicly.

coffee and fire pit

We went back to Jane’s house for pizza and even had some time in affirming each other, singing around a firepit, and deepening our friendships. Students were comfortable with the amount of exposure to God, and learning about how we trust in His word, His miracles, His blessings and His provision for all of life. The students have found a greater appreciation of Navigators. Our next step is to get them to have a greater appreciation of Jesus and what it means to Know Him and follow Him.

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