Thank you for investing in generations!

Thanks for investing in generations of labourers!

Jesus’ ministry was primarily focused on intentional personal discipleship. He spent the vast majority of His time and ministry intentionally investing in 12 men; far more time than He spent with the rest of the world put together! Jesus walked through life with these men, instructing them in the way they should go, teaching them the Scriptures, and inviting them into ministry with Him. And when His time with them on Earth was through, He commanded each of them to do the same with others. Intentionally making disciples who will also make disciples, thus multiplying His efforts and forming generations of disciple-makers.

As Navigators we seek to emulate the ministry of Jesus by focusing on making disciples who will make disciples. And we have seen generations of disciples formed and continuing to impact the world for Jesus.

Thank you for your investment to advance the Kingdom through generations of disciples. We are so thankful to have like-minded partners like you, looking to future generations with a shared vision to impact the world with the Gospel.

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