Next Door to Everywhere … in Brisbane!

By Luke Midena, National Leadership Team

The National Leadership Team met with the National Council on the first weekend of April to hear from God’s Word, pray, study Job, and plan and discuss this year’s priorities. Luke gives us a glimpse into what’s happening in one of our communities Brisbane (and Queensland, for that matter) usually “flies under the radar” and we don’t often hear about what’s going on up there. But, the Lord continues to work in people’s hearts, whether we see it or not. He is prompting established and new generations to reach out in cities, universities, churches, local communities, all the way up to remote regional areas. (more…)

Stories of “New” Life in 2020

The Lord continues to do great things in people’s lives. Neither a pandemic, strict lockdowns, fires or other catastrophes have stopped our labourers from labouring in various circumstances despite the variables that were thrown at us this year.

Precious young students in Melbourne and Sydney meeting and giving their lives to Christ. Military trainees in Canberra being introduced to Jesus for the first time. Individuals and (more…)

What is the cost of discipleship?

Robin Dennis has been a Christian for 46 years and a Navigator for just as long! In his own words, discipleship is the most exciting journey as well as the saddest. Compass caught up with Robin to ask why living life alongside people is a labour of love that’s truly worth it.

What has discipleship cost you?

I suppose it depends on what you mean by “cost”. There’s outlay of “money” for meals, and “time” spent with people. But I count those as investments. Relationships are so important.

“Labour”, sometimes I get tired but then I look at why I’m involved and remember Isaiah 41:10. And when I think of the “trouble” I go through with someone only to see rejection, I remember the Holy Spirit is in charge.

Yes, I’ve counted some “costs”. But cost is also “sacrifice”. And Jesus gave His all as a sacrifice. In this light, there is no cost to me.

What has been the greatest reward of labouring alongside people?

Seeing people come to an understanding of Jesus Christ and the miracle of their new birth through God’s mercy, and allowing me to be part of that. Then seeing that person start another generation, and that generation start another generation. I’m always amazed that God has used me when all I deserve is death because of my sin before a Holy God.


Robin has been used by God to lead literally hundreds of people to faith in those 46 years and he continues to actively share the gospel and disciple others. – Ed.

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