Partners For Life

As we labour throughout our lives we need partners who will be with us every step of the way. Partners who continue to support, care, and walk with us through every life stage. Partners like Onesiphorus was to Paul.

Onesiphorus was so devoted to Paul and the work he was doing for the Gospel that he did not abandon Paul as everyone else did. “On the contrary”, Paul says in 2 Timothy 1:17 that “he searched hard for me until he found me”. Paul tells Timothy of how this one partner refreshed and helped him and remained unashamed of his chains. During Paul’s imprisonment Onesiphorus seems to be the primary means God was using to supply all of his needs, and it seems Onesiphorus continued this support and devotion to Paul’s work for the rest of his life (2 Tim 1:18).

We want partners like this! Partners who are devoted to Christ and so convinced of His call to advance the Gospel that they seek to give every area of the rest of their lives to this work.

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