Julie Leads Generations

Dave and Julie McIntosh lead our Navigator work at Macquarie University. This is one story of what God has been doing through Navigators to grow generations of disciples. Julie shares:

During my first two years serving at Macquarie University, it felt as though almost all of our female students graduated or moved away. Questions of inadequacy and God’s plans plagued me. Among 40,000 students on campus, the vast majority need Jesus, and yet it seemed there were few women interested. Our prayer letters repeatedly asked for God to bring women into contact with us who I could invest in.

Our vision was, and continues to be, to see Christian students develop a heart to introduce the lost to Jesus and to be equipped to invest deeply in the lives of others. Our prayer is, with God’s help, to raise a generation of Christian students discipling the next generation of labourers. (more…)

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