A Glass Half …

By Paul Bailey, Melbourne University Ministry, (first published in Compass Winter 2023)

The Great Commission – a command given to all yet not fully understood by all. Dawson Trotman poses a challenge in “The Need of the Hour” to all believers on their perspectives on this command. He rightly takes aim at one’s belief/faith in God and His promises to do this work.

All too often, we operate with a glass half-empty mentality. Material needs take centre stage in our evangelism. We have “needed” items to be effective, efficient and productive in getting the gospel out to the Nations.

Dawson reminds us that we need to adopt a stronger belief in God. God reigns. He is Sovereign and more interested in getting the job done than we are. As a matter of fact, we should have a Glass Full attitude, knowing that if we persist in prayer and believe God is faithful to His Word, then the work of His Gospel reaching the nations does not need any type of material thing, but rather faithful men and women who know Jesus and want others to know Him.

Our role is simply to truly believe in God and His promises to do this work. Is your glass half empty or full?

Listen to this message here: The Need of the Hour.

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