Your Questions Answered by Daniel Goh

Daniel Goh is a fulltime engineer who started engaging with a Navigators university group after graduating. In 2022, he was invited to join the 2-year Melbourne Navigator Leader Development Training Program. We interviewed Daniel to get to know him better as well as asked for insight into the training program. This interview first appeared in the Autumn 2024 issue of Compass in an abridged format.

How did you come to follow Christ?  

I attended church with my family during high school, but I did not have a relationship with God until I started attending university. I met students who were believers and was amazed by their acceptance and interest in spreading the Gospel to others. I started my walk with God while reading the bible with others and being taught how to submit to Jesus and share my faith. 

How did you meet Australian Navigators? 

One of my friends’ parents are Navigators who started the Monash University International Student Ministry. I started engaging with the Navs uni group after graduating as I wanted to contribute to campus ministry outside my work. I have since been engaging with the broader Navigators community both locally and overseas. 

How have you been helped in your walk through the Navigators? 

I joined the organisation shortly after starting fulltime work, experiencing more financial freedom but also more commitments. Through frequent gatherings and times of sharing, the Navigators community helped point me to God during this stage of life. This has influenced my attitude towards my work and encouraged me to witness to others well. 

Over the past year you have been in a leadership training group in Melbourne, can you share a few highlights from being in this group?

Through thorough readings and discussion I’ve revisited the fundamental aspects of faith, personal walk with God and witnessing. This has helped me take a balanced attitude in my walk with God and serving others. We studied various topics several weeks at a time, such as how to interpret the Bible, understanding suffering, and reading the Bible with new believers. This answered questions I had in the past and further equipped me to engage with others.

How have you grown over the past year?

I have learnt to share my faith with my friends and colleagues more naturally, have a broader understanding and emphasis on reflecting Christ through my daily work and grown closer to people that have been prayed for, highlighting the importance of prayer and God’s power.

Why would you recommend this to others?

The training takes a biblical approach to faith and provides practical ways to live it out. The group community is a constant source of encouragement and support as we share our experiences and pray for each other and the people that we are witnessing to.

If you are interested in knowing more and would like to explore a pathway into the training program for yourself, contact Mike Johnson at [email protected]

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