Who is God and what is He like?

Is God the centre of your life? Would you like to know Him better? Love Him deeper? Grow to be more like His son, Jesus?

We have many resources available to you here one our website. But if you’re looking specifically for studies to help you not only to know about Him but to dive deeper in your relationship with Him and to understand the Scriptures better … try “Going Deeper in the Essentials”. This series of seven Bible studies will help you unpack WHO God is, WHAT He is like, the Good News of the gospel, how He talks to us through His Word, and how we can relate to God through prayer.

Download a copy of the FIRST study: God: Who is He?

If you’d like to find out more, click here to see other resources related to this topic, download the full study as well as listen to sermons and teachings!

You can do the studies and listen to the audios on your own. Or, better yet, share with your small groups!




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