Easter Thought

Easter Thought

By Grant Dibden

The year has been a bit of a blur. I got started in earnest after Australia Day, had trips to Brisbane, Sydney and Tasmania, and an early Easter. But what really makes it a blur is my father-in-law’s death twelve days after diagnosis. Arthur’s death puts things into perspective. Life is fragile and not permanent. Life isn’t about all the things that we do. It’s about relationships. David Brooks, in his book, The Road to Character, insightfully (more…)

An Easter Reflection

By Grant Dibden

“To me it makes as much sense as bunny rabbits handing out chocolate eggs …”

Easter in Australian society is thought of as a holiday time.  And many – most? – people don’t understand the significance of Easter, and often they don’t want to. A local Eastern Sydney newsletter said in their central article on Easter a few years back: “what the hell is Easter about anyway?  … To me it makes as much sense as bunny rabbits handing out chocolate eggs. (more…)

Why is Good Friday good?

By Grant Dibden

I remember as a kid laughing at Christianity for calling the day that Jesus died Good Friday. Good – the day that Jesus died! I thought that was crazy. Good Friday, the day the supposed hero died? Surely, it should be Bad Friday! I really had no clue about Christianity. I had gone to Sunday school and knew about Jesus, but I just didn’t understand the gospel.

Good Friday is good because (more…)

Easter in a Covid-19 Environment

Dear Nav Family,

A little over 2000 years ago tonight, the disciples ate the Last Supper, and the next day Jesus was crucified. Jesus had told his disciples that he would be killed, that he could even be crucified, but the disciples didn’t really understand. They didn’t really get it. We know the end of the story. We know Jesus rose on Easter day, but they didn’t. It’s so familiar to us, we can miss the devastation, the disorientation, the debilitating effect it had on the disciples. They had seen so many miracles right before their eyes – healing, walking on water, food from nowhere, raising the dead and hearing incisive teaching from a confident public figure – so it would have been unthinkable to acknowledge that anything could ever change. (more…)

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