Funding Your Ministry


Scott Morton

Whether you are experienced at fundraising or just starting out, Funding Your Ministry will help answer your questions and put you on the biblical path for recruiting and maintaining donor support.

A Biblical Strategy to Finance Your Ministry
How many potential missionaries never reach their field because raising support seems too difficult? How many Christian leaders abandon their ministry before it starts because of fundraising frustration?It happens too often. But it doesn’t have to.Funding Your Ministry helps ministry workers and their partners break through the financial barriers holding them back from full-time ministry. Whether you are experienced at fundraising or just starting out, Funding Your Ministry will help you

  • discover the biblical path for recruiting and retaining donor support,
  • develop a strategy to reach full support that lasts long-term,
  • avoid the common pitfalls that inhibit your fundraising, and
  • learn how to manage your money well.

Both fundraisers and their supporters will gain valuable insights from Scott Morton as he shares his own struggles, failures, and victories in raising support. Learn from his experience in this comprehensive guide and find the financial freedom you need to respond fully to God’s call.

“One of the most practical and needful books that I have ever seen.” ―Dr. Howard Foltz, president and founder of Accelerating International Mission Strategies

“If you raise support, then Funding Your Ministry is a must-read.” ―Ellis Goldstein, director of ministry partner development for Cru

Publication DateJul 2017
Dimensions17 x 175 x 251mm
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