From Grant to You

Dear Friend,

A man was travelling down a road with a friend who was an architect when the friend pointed out a house and said, “That’s my house there. I designed that one and am very proud of it.” The man admired its symmetry and style and drove on. A short while later he was again driving by this same house, this time with a friend who was a builder who pointed to the house and told him, “That’s my house over there. I built that.” The man admired the workmanship of the building and continued to drive on. A third time the man was passing the house with an acquaintance who was a property investor, who commented on the same house, “That’s one of my houses there, and although it cost me a bit I now own it outright.” The man noted his acquaintance’s astute investment.

Now the man happened to be walking past this house some days later where a little boy was playing on the footpath. The little boy looked up as the man walked by and said, “Hi, Mister! Do you like my new house? We just moved in. I live here now.” Four different ways of determining ownership. And what’s really quite convicting is that, by all four of those ways, we are God’s.

God designed us – Genesis 1:27.
God made us – Genesis 2:27 and Psalm 139:13-16.
God bought us for a price – I Corinthians 6:19,20.
God lives in us – Colossians 1:27.

By every criteria there is, we are God’s! We belong to the Lord! So, we must not presume to use for ourselves that which belongs to God.

Do your actions show that you belong to God? Pray for me that I would indeed live out these truths.

Together let us go wherever He leads and do whatever He asks.

Grant Dibden
National Director





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