The Rising Threat of War – and the Christian Response

“You will hear of wars and rumours of wars” (Matthew 24:6)

How, as Christians, should we respond to war and threats of war?

Grant Dibden has recently written for Eternity News regarding this very question. Deeply relevant for our times as we see and hear of conflict and devastation in Europe, protests and revolts in countries that have held elections in the past month, unrest in many other places, and other events that could at any time trigger more wars, this article turns directly to the Bible for guidance in how we ought to respond. (more…)

Why Celebrate ANZAC Day?

By Grant Dibden

A little over 100,000 Australians have died in wars. Several hundred thousand more were wounded and countless others suffered psychological damage. Of these casualties the vast majority were between 18 and 25 years old. Just think that if you had been born 100 years earlier it could have been you or your brother or sister.

ANZAC Day commemorates a great defeat at Gallipoli where 8,700 soldiers were killed and the rest (more…)

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