Campus Life: small windows, deep engagement

By Luke Midena, Canberra Labouring Community

Something I love about campus ministries is the intensity and depth of engagement we have with people for a short window of time. As hard as it is when students move on, there is an endless influx of opportunity.

I recently farewelled Isaak, who moved back to the US with a firm relationship with God. (more…)

Put Your Head Down and Labour

By Tami Brown and June Sparks, first published in Compass Winter issue 2022

Theresa Suan has had an incredibly fruitful ministry at Macquarie University ISM. She shared with us recently how it has changed over time, giving us a glimpse into the journey the Lord has taken her on.

There were times when Theresa felt alone, struggling without a helper or staff working alongside her. There were moments she felt hopeless and helpless. (more…)

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