The Harvest is Plenty

By Paul Bailey, Ministry Apprentice, Monash University, Melbourne.

“Paul!” my new friend “C” called to me. “I can’t believe it! For three days, this kid has just been hanging around us. He has played some basketball and table tennis, but he is very cheeky. He won’t give his name or age, nor would he sit to have a proper conversation. He just hangs close enough to see that we are out doing activities, giving people free food, but then disappears for a while. When we try to talk to him, he gives very short answers and runs away. But just then, (more…)

Ordinary People, Lifelong Labourers

By Bruce Clarke, first published in Compass, Summer 2020

There are only two examples in the New Testament when Jesus specifically told his disciples what to pray. The best known of these is often called the Lord’s Prayer, which includes God’s holiness, His kingdom, daily needs, forgiveness, and protection. But, (more…)

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