Military Alongsiders

Military Alongsiders

In Acts 15 Paul said to Barnabas, “Let us go back and visit the believers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing.”  Acts 15:36 

Paul knew that for his ministry to be the most effective and have the most impact he couldn’t just set up these young believers with the truth. They also needed someone to follow up with them, to continue to encourage them, and to continue to help them grow in the truth of the Gospel.

We want our ministries to be the most effective they can be and we want to have the biggest impact we can, on individual lives and the nations. In order to accomplish this we ensure our disciples are rooted and established in the Gospel of Truth and we continue to follow up with them and walk alongside them in their journey with Christ through all stages of their lives, not just when they’re in close proximity to us. While we do this in all our ministry communities, our Military Community does this on the largest scale.

Within our Navigator Military Community we see many men and women move between different towns and cities throughout Australia across their different postings. This excites us! Each of them carries the life-saving message of the Gospel to their mates that serve alongside them both at home in Australia and while deployed on military operations. We are convinced the Lord uses the military to spread the Gospel. And we are convinced of the need to support new believers, labourers, and leaders as they seek to advance the Gospel in this unique context.

We prayerfully invite you to consider partnering with us financially to ensure that we can continue to support, encourage, and follow up those involved in this vital ministry until 2020. Our target to achieve this is $25,250

This will enable us to walk alongside those further from our local Canberra community. Specifically, your gifts will: 

§  Enable the Military Ministry Team to visit new believers, local labourers, and leaders in more remote bases

      o   Your gift of $500 allows us to travel to Darwin, Townsville or Brisbane to help these wonderful people flourish

§  Grow leaders in Solid Rock, our ministry to the female partners of Defence members

     o   Your gift of $250 enables a leader to receive support and training

§  Provide ‘care’ packages to deployed troops

     o   Your gift of $50 provides spiritual resources and edible treats to a soldier, sailor, or airman/airwoman during deployment

We are deeply appreciative of every gift and every partner helping us to make and sustain generational labourers in our Military. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in walking alongside these young disciples across the nation and overseas? 

Would you pray with us now for tomorrow’s military leaders and their families that are entrusted to us during their time in Canberra? We pray that these leaders will pass on the baton of the Gospel to others as they are posted. We seek to keep partnering and walking alongside them as they do this, even as they move to remote locations. 

We look forward to soldiering with you and making disciples in the Australian Defence Force and its families.