Advancing the Kingdom in Indonesia

Advancing the Kingdom in Indonesia

When our brothers and sisters recognised the enormous impact poverty was having on their younger generation, God gave them an overwhelming desire to help.  So, they began some whole-of-life discipleship ministries centred around education with children from local families, high school students and university students.

Each of these ministries requires funds to sponsor the children’s living costs, basic needs (food, clothes, etc.), their education/tuition fees, supplies for classes (books, bags, shoes, stationary, etc.) and discipleship costs (Bible, materials, retreat/conference).  At the moment, these costs are being borne solely by the Community in Indonesia. However, they will not be able to sustain this ministry, much less grow it, without God providing additional funds for these needs from somewhere else.

The cost to fulfil the needs for individuals in each ministry are below; (all costs are in Australian Dollars).

What’s being achieved Cost per Month Cost Per Year
Basic needs and education for 1 child, impacting the local community with practical Gospel living $36 $432
Basic needs and education for 1 teen, changing their future, demonstrating the Gospel and enabling discipleship training $110 $1320
Basic needs and education for 1 uni student, enabling them to complete their studies, demonstrating the Gospel and enabling discipleship training $165 $1980

We are asking God to provide funds through us to support half the students in their ministry this year.  This means we have a target of $33,480 by 15 June+.  We want to be the means by which God supplies the children’s needs, as we “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33).  Any gift you give today will help these beautiful discipleship ministries impact every area of these people’s lives and communities.

As you give to provide for the physical needs of these children, we know God uses your gift and prayers to transform their lives, their futures and their communities!  You can be part of removing the burden of poverty in Indonesia … providing education and more importantly, enabling spiritual transformation through discipleship by the grace of God.  Thank you for making a lasting impact on their life and their community for the Kingdom of God!

Thank you for partnering with us.  Thanks for being one God uses to provide the needs of a child.

If you would like more information on anything, or would be interested in a short-term mission trip to Indonesia, please contact us.


+Please note, however, that this project is not tax deductible.