Your Questions Answered – How to Meditate

This year, we’ve looked at some “discipling” tools for ministry with Robin Dennis. In this post, he addresses one question he has been asked many times over the years, especially by new Christians: How to Meditate. (First published in Compass Summer 2023 issue).

An easy way is to remember the vowels – A, E, I, O and U.

For example, consider John 3:16:

Ask and answer questions: “For God” – so, this is about God; “so loved the world” – so, God loves everyone which includes me; “that He gave” – so, it is something I am given, perhaps like a birthday present, but I can refuse that gift that is given.

Emphasise words: This can be done in conjunction with the A. By doing this I get a better understanding of a word or phrase.

In your own words: Many times, if I put a verse or passage into my own words, I have a much better understanding.

Other verses: Firstly context: the surrounding verses will help me understand the verse or passage. Secondly, cross-references will add to my understanding. Here I could look at Romans 5:8 which gives a deeper understanding of God’s love.

YoU (me): The question is: what am I going to do as a result of meditating on this verse or passage? In this example the telling part could be “do I believe”?

After a short time I will then go through the booklet “Meditation” by Jim Downing with the person I am helping.

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