Your Questions Answered about Mutua

Mutua Mahiaini is our current International President and was scheduled to be our keynote speaker at the upcoming National Conference in October. (While the conference itself has been cancelled, Mutua is still preparing to send us his messages.) But …

Who is Mutua Mahiaini?

Stephanie and Mutua Mahiaini

Prior to joining the Navigators, Mutua and his wife – Stephanie – were both teachers. Then, starting out as a campus leader in Nairobi for the Navs, he would end up the National Director for Kenya in 1986, then Africa Regional Director in 1988. They joined the International Executive Team and moved to the United States in 2011.

In 2015, Mutua was selected as the fifth International President of the Navigators.

Why are we excited to hear from him?

Mutua’s wealth of wisdom, varied cross-cultural experience and deep love for the gospel has been evident through his years of serving with the Navigators. He is well qualified to speak into our lives about labouring, evangelising and discipling together in our culture. Not only is he gifted to lead, he is also committed to our core Navigator beliefs and using his voice to encourage believers to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to see His Kingdom advance!

We are excited for this opportunity to hear from such a lifelong labourer for the gospel.


This column first published in Compass Winter 2021 edition.

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