The Word of God at Work

By Macquarie University Student Ministry

The Bible stands not only as a primary means by which God shares who He is, but as a foundational means for strengthening and building our relationship with Him.

Students involved in Macquarie University Navigators spent a semester studying the book of 1 John. Engaging as a Bible study group in discussions over this book of the Bible brought more clarity to what God is saying to the original audience and we ended the semester working through a book summary together. It was good to hear the things the Lord revealed to them throughout the semester. Our time together (along with their time in the Word on their own, listening to messages at church, engaging in fellowship with other believers, etc.) encouraged them to apply the Word of God and add accountability as they pursued a deepening relationship with the Lord.

We asked how the Word of God has recently strengthened their relationship with God. Here’s what a few had to say:

“I went from Sunday Kids Group understanding and following good examples to knowing the Word myself, feeling convicted by the Word. I prayed more and in a broader variety of situations and I found joy in that. I could be more confident passing it on to others and praying with others.”

“The Word of God has been a source of peace and comfort and guidance through life. It reminds me of who God is and allows me to have relationship with God knowing He is who I want and need. I’ve gone through seasons of life where the Bible would be on my bedside table untouched, and I would feel the spiritual dryness consume me. These are the times when I would feel lost. In a nutshell, I feel dead without it.”

“The Word of God has allowed me to see God in new and helped me to open my eyes to who He is as a loving Father and Friend; it has given me the space to get to know Him by listening to Him, feeling His presence and praying to Him. Through His word I have developed a close relationship with Him and He has shown me how infinite and amazing He is.”

“Studying the Bible has increased my eagerness to extend the good news of Christ more outwardly. The more I learn about Christ in the Word, the more zealous I am to seek opportunities where I can express it. My relationship with God has grown so much and has allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone. Recently, spending my New Year’s on a mission trip sharing God’s Word, rather than going out to a party, exemplifies how my relationship with the Lord has been strengthened. My desire to do more mission work arose because of the Word and the encouragement it gives.”

Pray with us that God’s Word has the ongoing affect in students’ lives of deepening their relationship with God and the gospel advancing through them.


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