Would You Win an Arm Wrestle?

By Philip McMaster, from their ministry newsletter, McMaster News, October 2018

Arm wrestling at a local coffee shop.

Did you arm wrestle when you were growing up? I used to love arm wrestling with my brother and my dad when I was younger (and stronger!) It was great fun trying to win and you never quite knew what would happen next. One person got the upper hand, then the next person would fight back, then the fortunes would switch again, then finally someone would capitulate.

I can’t help thinking the Christian life is a bit like an arm wrestle. There is a battle going on between two forces, one good and one evil. Make no mistake, this is a spiritual battle for the lives of those around us that do not yet know Jesus. I think this struggle is reflected well in 1 Peter 5:8 which tells us:

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert, Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

So we must be alert and prayerful, recognising that there is a spiritual battle going on.

Recently I have enjoyed getting around into the community and talking to people about what I believe and why. I have developed a relationship with two baristas at the local coffee shop, Greg and Joseph. We have been talking about things that matter; we have been talking about Jesus. Both Greg and Joseph have been learning that the Jesus they thought they knew growing up is not the Jesus of the Bible.

So we have been talking about Jesus as the baristas have been making coffee and roasting beans. Last month we went down to the local club and read John 1 together. Make no mistake, this is a wrestle for the lives of two young men, baristas, university students, not yet followers of Jesus.

Check out Greg’s T-shirt closely. That’s one view of Jesus!

Won’t you pray for Greg and Joseph?

Please pray:

  1. That we can keep meeting to read the bible together.
  2. That I can faithfully explain who Jesus is using God’s word.
  3. John 6:65 – That God draws Greg and Joseph to Him.
  4. That our whole family would finish the year well.

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