The Need of the Hour

By Frank and Tim Mapperson, first published in Compass, Summer 2020

As Navigators, we stand for life-on-life discipleship, living among the lost, leading all closer to Jesus and a Jesus-centred lifestyle. COVID-19 has made this both harder and more fruitful. Light shines brightest in darkness.

People are seeking hope (not empty promises), wise leadership, genuine care, belonging.

In love we reach out to neighbours with letters, homemade food, and band neighbours together. This has proved powerful for building new relationships where pretensions are stripped away, with opportunities to reflect God’s attributes.

In existing relationships, Christ-centred conversations are sprouting. With patience and intentionality, the ground is fertile. The need of the hour is to be creatively counter-cultural, penetrating our world next door with love and hope.

In a formal ministry context, we use home-made videos, topical Bible studies, and regular sharing of Scriptures, prayer, and music in virtual communities.

We urge people to press into natural networks, finding opportunities to serve, proclaim Christ, and help the emotionally vulnerable and those falling prey to sexual impurity. We need not be timid, but pray and labour, from love, with intentionality and perseverance.

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