Get to Know – David and June Sparks

Dave and June Sparks serve on staff with the Navigators in Sydney where they are involved in many different aspects of discipleship in their community including discipling businessmen and others from their church, doing neighbourhood outreach, and looking after the national website and software connectivity. We asked them a few questions for the Summer 2020 edition of Compass.

Why do you think supporting those ministering in the workplace is so important?

Christians in the workplace are on the frontlines for witnessing and disciple-making as they live their lives alongside their co-workers. They have long-term relationships with those they rub shoulders with each day, who are watching their character, words and actions as they interact with one another. These relationships build credibility and trust as insiders for the gospel in their workplace and  provide opportunities to share the hope they have in Christ on a daily basis.

These workers are not alone but are joined in unity with the majority of Christians in the world as everyday laborers for the gospel in the workplace who face similar issues, opportunities and temptations. It is so important to encourage those in the workplace who are faithfully labouring for Christ each day.

How do you find who to invest in and how do you support them well as they share Christ in the workplace?

Many of those we are meeting with began by simply keeping our eyes and ears open as we intersect with those we are in community with. We are intentional to ask other believers in our church and community how their walk with God is going. This often leads to asking if they would like to meet up to help them to continue to grow in their relationship with God and sharing Him with those in their lives. We are also careful to leave margin in our lives so that we can be available to those we are discipling as the need arises. This allows us to serve and support them well in a way that blesses them the most in different seasons of life.

It’s a joy to see growth over time and exciting to see God work through family and relational networks and to be part of a bigger picture of disciples making disciples in different contexts.

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