LifeChange Series: Women of the New Testament


LifeChange Bible studies train you in good Bible study practices as you enjoy a robust and engaging topical study. Learn the skill as you study the Word. Your study of the Scriptures will never be the same!

Women are everywhere in the New Testament. They follow and serve Jesus, seek Him for healing, and play creative and essential roles in the early church. For much of our history, however, their stories have been mediated and interpreted through a male-centric lens. This may mean that you will be surprised when you see what an active and courageous role women played in the days when Jesus and His apostles announced the arrival of the Kingdom of God and the role Jesus continues to invite all of His disciples into today.

In this LifeChange study guide, we will study how Jesus welcomes marginalized and culturally neglected people as disciples, publicly affirms their faith as examples for others, and empowers them to lead and use their gifts. Over the course of 8 sessions, we will learn about . . .

Mary and Elizabeth
The Samaritan Woman
The Bleeding Woman
The Canaanite Woman
Mary of Bethany
Mary Magdalene
The Women of Romans

The LifeChange studies are optimized for small group use. Every study is broken down into 8–9 sessions of about 45 minutes. Each session includes:

  • Questions, interpretation, and application of a passage to the topic
  • Personally focused “Your Response” question
  • “For Further Study” section that gives readers another passage to explore around the topic
  • Callouts that include language study, historical context, and illuminating quotes from commentaries

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