2:7 Series, Book 2 Deepening Your Roots in God’s Family



When a tree takes root, burrowing deep into the soil, it’s not long before the action is mirrored about ground. New branches shoot out. Green, healthy leaves appear. Even the trunk grows sturdier, more storm-resistant.

And so it is with you. The deeper you root your life in Christ, the stronger you’ll become.

Each book in THE 2:7 SERIES contains a dual focus: personal growth and sharing your life in Christ. This second study in the series will help you learn how to make Christ the Lord of your life. Then you’ll discover how easy it is to branch out by reviewing your spiritual life and sharing it with others. With its biblical and practical approach to discipleship, this workbook will yield long-term, life-changing results, such as:

. A closer relationship with God
. A desire and method to memorize Scripture passages
. A cohesive, useful personal testimony
. The ability to spend extended times with God

THE 2:7 SERIES offers approaches for strengthening your own life in Christ and for helping others move closer to God.

Book 1: Growing Strong in God’s Family
Book 2: Deepening Your Roots in God’s Family
Book 3: Bearing Fruit in God’s Family

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