Q&A with Scott Brown – Navigator Leader for Sydney

How did you come into relationship with Jesus?

My maternal grandmother played a significant role in me developing a relationship with Christ. Not only did she model a deep and abiding love for Jesus which flowed over to others, but she also prayed for me (and all her grandkids) regularly. When I was around the age of 10, she invited me to my first church camp and it was there that I first understood my need for a Saviour and put my faith in Jesus Christ.

How did you come to be with the Navigators?

In my early 20’s I had my first introduction to Navigators through my local church. Not a structured or “formal” Navigator ministry, but people who had been influenced by the Navigators, and who then had a significant impact on me and many others. One couple, the Bremners, took special interest in helping many of us young adults grow in our relationship with Christ through the 2:7 Bible study.

How have Navigators helped you develop your vision?

Through the example of the Bremners, as well as others, I came to understand the value of life-on-life discipleship. I experienced the benefit of their personal investment in my life and, through their influence, I developed a desire to do the same. Not because I’m worthy or capable, but because God is sufficient and faithful. They established in me a vision to regularly give my life to a few and believe God to raise up generations of labourers who will do the same.

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