Q&A with Luke Midena – Navigators in Canberra

How did you come into relationship with Jesus?

My wife, Kate, and I both have similar experiences in coming to know God. Neither of us ever doubted the existence of God, but we both came to a point during university where we realised we didn’t personally know Him, and certainly weren’t trusting Him with our futures. We can’t thank enough those who took the time to read the Bible with us during that time. It’s had a huge impact on us and, really, it means that ‘our lives’ are no longer ours. They’re bound up in Jesus’ life.

In what ways have Navigator communities shaped your journey?

Our motivation to help others comes from an appreciation of how we’ve been helped ourselves, often by Navigators, throughout crucial, transitional times in our lives. Thanks to the Navigators’ influence, under the hand of God, we’re convinced of the world-transforming nature of building deeply into a few, and helping them do the same.

Where has Jesus been leading you?

I am currently working full-time for the Navigators with students and young workers in Canberra. We’re passionate about seeing those who connect with the Navigators at university continue to make disciples for the rest of their lives. God is helping us build a community of workers in their 20s and 30s who seek to teach their friends and colleagues ‘to obey everything that I have commanded you’ (Matthew 28:20).

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