Q&A with Bryce Weedon – Navigators Apprentice

How did you come into relationship with Jesus?

I came into relationship with Jesus when I was in high school. My relationship developed over time through short talks at youth group, a memory verse from 1 Peter, then a weekend away. A few days later everything fell into place. Jesus was real and His death on the cross for me required a response. I spoke with what little faith I had, acknowledged God and what Jesus had done, asked for forgiveness and gave my life to Him.

How have Navigators helped you grow and develop your vision?

Navigators have helped me grow in the areas of knowing God’s Word, praying it back to Him and trusting in His promises. From my first experience I remember thinking, “these people know God and love Him…and I want that too.” Their genuine love for God and others was the most attractive thing about them.

Studying some aspects of God’s character, like His Wisdom and Power, with the Sydney Navigators this year has been great. It has challenged us to trust God more and know He will provide what is best for us. Navigators have shaped my vision to invest deeply in a few, equipping them to share with and invest in others.

Why did you decide to join the Apprenticeship program?

I decided to join for two reasons:

1)  To know God deeper, grow in godly character and be challenged to trust Him more.
2)  To learn how to make disciples and share the Good News of Jesus through relationships.

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