A Place Called … Navigators

A pictorial update by Grant Dibden

Jeanette and I recently had a week in Victoria, part holiday and part work. Most of our time was in Melbourne, but we were coming home via Ballarat when we discovered that there was a place nearby called Navigators.

Of course, we had to visit!

First of all, Navigators is very small. We almost missed the sign announcing the hamlet.

Grant and wife, Jeanette, almost missed the sign announcing the small town of “Navigators”.

While the town is small, it once was much larger and even had it’s own railway station. Some of the history of the town is recorded on this board:

And where there is a railway line, there is often a bridge…

And, in this case, it is called “Navigators Bridge”. Honestly, we didn’t make this up!

And then, we came across this.

We’re about community, right?

We couldn’t, however, find a wheel, there.

But, when we buy the entire town for the Aussie Glen, we’ll put a wheel in!*

*We’re not really buying the entire town. (Ed)

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