Mission to the Philippines

Mission to the Philippines

Together with you, we’re committed to going wherever God leads … and doing whatever He asks to move people closer to Jesus and impact the world.  Now, God is leading us to break new spiritual ground in the Philippines – through a mission trip to train new leaders how to grow students into disciples.  With your help, these leaders will learn how to make that “life-on-life” investment to grow university students into disciples whose faith is contagious.

            It’s what Jesus did – investing deeply in His disciples so they could impact the people around them with His love … and ultimately impact the world!

I know you’d agree that multiplying disciples has never been so important, especially in places like the Philippines – where over 80% of people are Catholic … and where Islam has staked a strong claim in the south.  So today I’m asking you to give generously toward the $19,800 needed by 31st January to help enable this mission trip – and transform this region by building disciples and spreading the Gospel.

With your help, Dave and Jules McIntosh – serving at Macquarie University leading Navigators’ Student Ministry – will lead this mission trip to the Philippines this month to launch this new pioneering campus ministry.

As Dave says:

             “We want to seek opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those who may not have yet encountered Him.  We want to do this in a way that any seeds planted may be watered and nurtured by the Filipino Navs.”

And Jules adds:

            “We pray that we may be a catalyst for a fresh energy and passion for the [new] work God is doing through this pioneering ministry.”

            Your gift today will help provide that catalyst – and much more!

When you give to help kick-start this new campus ministry, you won’t just help many Filipinos step into a more personal relationship with Jesus.  You’ll invest in the discipleship of eight Aussie leaders who’ll be joining Dave and Jules on this life-transforming mission trip.  You’ll help these servant-hearted Aussie leaders grow spiritually and return home ready to share the Gospel and disciple others more effectively!

As Dave shares:

            “We want the group coming with us to learn from the great ways the Filipino Navs are serving God’s Kingdom, and to put that into practice so they can grow as Kingdom labourers.”

It’s exciting that through this one mission trip you can help train leaders and build disciples both in the Philippines and in Australia!  So please give generously to help lead many more people forward in their relationship with Jesus.  As you invest in training and discipling more people through the Navigators, you’ll multiply the number of God’s labourers who are actively labouring … and that means you’ll multiply your impact here at home and across the world in spreading the Gospel and advancing God’s Kingdom.

Thank you for whatever gift you can give today to help mobilise this mission trip and pioneer a new campus ministry that will transform many lives.

I am grateful for you!

Labouring together,

Grant Dibden

National Director