Learning Godliness

By Sergio Echegoyen, Southeast Queensland Labouring Community, first published in Compass Summer 2023 issue

My name is Sergio. I’m originally from Mexico and it is a privilege to have been in this beautiful country for the last few years. I was raised in a Christian family as my parents are part of the Navigators in Mexico. Through this Navigator connection I had the opportunity to meet Robert Bolton and the leadership team in Southeast Queensland who have been mentoring and encouraging me in my walk with the Lord.

To train in godliness, I think it is important first to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is my Lord and, through his endless love, He became my sin and took it with Him upon the cross to save my life. Through Him I can have a personal relationship with God who is my shepherd. Having surrendered the control of my life to Him, believing that He is faithful and just, I have confidence to trust in His word. This provides for me a genuine desire to keep seeking Him whether through reading my Bible or praying.

Thanks to the discipleship from Navigators leaders, I have learnt the importance of embracing a daily quiet time with the Lord every morning. During this quiet time I can open my heart to hear His voice, refresh my soul, and get ready for the coming day.

“… I have learnt the importance of embracing
a daily quiet time with the Lord …”

Another great tool for me is the Topical Memory System, which keeps me reflecting on the verses and continues to teach me how rich and powerful is the inspired word of God. It also helps me to meditate on how I can apply it to every aspect of my life.

On my trips to work, I love to listen to Spanish podcasts from godly people who help me keep growing in my Christian life.

Being discipled has encourage me to keep on opening the Scriptures to listen to what God has to say to me. In addition, the fellowship that has been built up with Robert in our Bible studies and the monthly rallies help me to stay firm in the faith.

“All this gives me a confidence
to disciple others …”

All this gives me a confidence to disciple others, doing studies in Christian living with a Latin community on the Gold Coast. I also have been teaching my kids, who are six and seven years old, to begin memorising verses by using the TMS, as it is a great tool that will stand them in good stead for their future.

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