It is interesting that the word “community” does not appear in the Scriptures. However, the concept of community permeates the Scriptures. Community describes how the people of God are towards each other. It is how we relate to each other, how we live as brothers and sisters in Christ who are adopted as the Father’s children.

Community Bible Studies

Study 1 – Community and Fellowship; The Common Life

Community is a way of relating together as believers. Fundamental to this is the Greek word “koinonia” which is most often translated “fellowship”. Koinonia has a rich meaning and in this study we focus on its importance and the “common life” aspect.

Study 2 – Community and Fellowship; Partnership

In this study we consider the partnership aspect of “koinonia” focusing on our spiritual gifts, leadership, prayer and giving in a community.

Study 3 – Community and Fellowship; Participation and Transformation

Transformation takes place in different ways, but one of the key ways is through community.  This is the communion or participation aspect of fellowship. As part of our consideration of communing with one another in a transformational way, we look at the practical aspects of a transformational community – authentic sharing, gospel encouragement to holy living and relational harmony.

Study 4 – Community and Mission … And Rest

There appears to be a tension between building community and mission. What can we learn from the advance of the Gospel in the 1st century about how to deal with this tension? We think about our busyness, what the bible means by rest and how that fits in with being in community, and then reflect on what we have learnt for the series of studies.

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