Six Critical Factors of a Multiplying Ministry

You may have already come across or even completed some of the studies in The Six Critical Factors of a Multiplying Ministry series while browsing through our site. The Six Critical Factors … is a series of comprehensive studies, prepared by Grant Dibden, and includes the following topics:

CF1 Laying Foundations

In this first study, Grant looks at the critical aspect of laying a solid foundation. Where and how we begin determines the effect we have on generations. While the foundations for ministry are broad, this particular study focuses on vision and people.

CF2 Going to the Lost

This second study looks at the Gospel, our motivation, legalism, courage and fear and underlying concepts that unpack what it means to go to the lost. Questions like ‘Why is there a need for the Gospel?” and “Where does courage and boldness come from?”  are addressed in this study.

CF3 Discipling Our Generation

Study 3 tackles Discipleship head-on. It seeks to give an understanding of what a disciple is, how a disciple should live, true spiritual transformation and making disciples.

CF4 Community

The Scriptures is bathed in the concept of community. Find out what God has to say about gathering, fellowship and mission … and what part you play in it!

CF5 Leaders

The fifth study looks at leaders, a model of leadership, and the kind of leadership required for generational ministry. What does it mean for you?

CF6 Spiritual Generations

Are spiritual generations a biblical idea? What is a spiritual generation and how does it happen? The last of the Six Critical Factors is a short study on growth, investment in a few, and sustaining leadership.


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