As God’s fellow workers we long to lead people to Jesus and to experience the growth that he provides (1 Corinthians 3:6,7). As disciples it is our goal to become rooted and established in him and be continually transformed by the grace of God.

Jesus’ disciples grew in this manner through his life-on-life investment. That’s why Navigators disciple people in the midst of their challenges at work, home and in their neighbourhood.

With that in mind, we would love to walk along with you and assist in using the resources in this section to help you grow in your walk with Christ. Click on the button below to get in contact with us!

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The Gospel

As Navigators, we are called to advance the Gospel. To fulfil this calling we need to be clear what the Gospel is. We must ensure that the gospel we are sharing with people is The Gospel of the Bible.

To help us see the width and breadth of the Gospel and to begin to plumb its depths, download “The Gospel” Bible Study and browse through the other resources in this section.

Spiritual Transformation

What is it God wants to see in a person’s life? How does true change occur? How much is the Holy Spirit responsible for transforming me, and how much am I responsible for transforming myself? I’m saved by grace – does that mean that I don’t have to worry about being godly? I just ‘let go and let God’? Or am I to work at my transformation? Do I transform myself by my hard work, by my self-control, by an act of my will?


Mission is on the very heart of God. God is a sending God. For God so loved THE WORLD that He sent his only Son to die for it. To help get the world on our heart, browse through our resources and download our series of five studies that look at:

1. God’s Heart for the Nations
2. The Nations Before a Holy God
3. What is the Gospel?
4. Our Response: Go
5. Our Response: Local

Money & Giving

Money is always a bit touchy. Yet Jesus talked about it a lot. With more than 2,000 verses on money and possessions, this very important topic is worth reading about.

Going Deeper in the Essentials

God must be the focus of all that we do. We want to deepen our relationship with Him by growing our understanding of the Scriptures and through prayer. We want to encounter God; to know Him, not only to know about Him. Browse through our resources and download our series of seven comprehensive Bible Studies “Going Deeper in the Essentials” which cover:

1. God: Who is He?
2. God: What is God like?
3. God: What is God like? (Part 2)
4. The Gospel: God loves us
5. The Word: God talks to us
6. The Word: Interpretation and Application
7. Prayer: Relating with God

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